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More Than A Painting Company

We go one step beyond painting your home—we protect your home and its value. Time and weather can begin to dull your exterior and interior paint, which can lead to much more significant damage. At Pacific Painters, we combat the wear and tear process by providing you with a fresh coat of beautiful every time! Contact us any time to schedule an on-site or remote estimate.
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Professional Painting Services

Our skilled painters are highly experienced and can tackle any project – whether it is stucco, wood, vinyl, or brick. With Pacific Painters, you can get peace of mind that every project will be completed promptly and professionally. Your satisfaction guaranteed.
Residential Painting
Your home is your sanctuary, so it should be beautiful to look at and durable for all those surprises life throws at you.
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Commercial Painting
Gain several advantages over your competitors and create a more productive space for your employees.
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“I can’t stop going outside to look at our house… it’s like a brand new house! This was our first experience hiring professional painters and we were so happy with the experience. A lot of skill and attention to detail went into the job and each team member was hard working, professional, and personable.”
—Jane Doe, Coeur D’Alene
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What a Difference a Day Makes


Not only can a fresh coat of paint increase your curb appeal and change the entire look of your house, it’s also a great investment for resale value. Our friendly painters can help you achieve your painting dreams in no time!


When it comes to coatings, the glory of applying the paint is actually a very small part of the project. Proper preparation of the surface is the key to a great looking, long lasting coating system. Pacific Painters takes pride in taking all the steps necessary to prepare your surfaces.


We have specialized equipment and the technical background to ensure the premium coatings we apply will last as long as possible. Whether it is an acid etch applied to create a surface profile on concrete prior to applying an epoxy coating or removing several layers of failed coatings from your siding, our team will get the job done right.

Complete Service

Whether you’re looking for an interior refresh or an exterior makeover, you can trust our team of experienced professionals. We have extensive knowledge about painting every area of your home, including living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and more.
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